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Alliance with National Insurance Brokerage8/2/2016
As a part of my own retirement planning, the service work on all my clients is being turned over to National Insurance Brokerage in Marietta, Georgia. All client files have been transferred to NIB offices in Marietta. Many of my clients will find it easier to work with a team in metro Atlanta, than having to work though an Asheville office. It is my plan to stay in touch with all clients as I am able, and clients will still be able to call me, e-mail me, fax me, or use standard US Mail. When clients wish, I will still be able to serve them through standard means, though I shall not be soliciting business as in the past.

Deferred Annuity with a 6.75% Roll-Up Rate2/13/2012
Yes, the economy is convoluted, and millions of Americans are justifiably afraid of financial moves to make, whether with their IRA’s, 401(k) plans, retirement savings, life insurance contracts, or college funding for their children. It can be a daunting task in deciding who to call, and, even more important, who to trust. Visitors to my website are invited to research my credentials and compare my experience to other financial professionals, all of whom are reaching out for your funds!!! One of the financial instruments that “fits” for a number of my clients has been a deferred annuity with a 6.75% roll-up rate until income payments are start. When payments start, this particular instrument will DOUBLE the income payments for the annuitant’s lifetime if the annuitant is confined to a facility for long term care.

Customer Service from a CLU2/5/2011
Customer Service is critical for all the professionals who give you financial advice, including your CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter), your stockbroker, your financial advisor, your attorney, your estate planner, or your banker. In the case of your CLU (my title), who some clients call their life insurance agent, you should work with him/her on your limits of coverage, your type of insurance, your beneficiaries, your payments (current and future), your policy values and policy ownership issues, to name just a few. Your failure to stay current on these matters could impact those you love or your business associates in major ways. So when you read this summary, ask yourself if you have met your agent halfway in staying current. And give Rick Bagley a call if he can help evaluate your current financial program, including the important cornerstones of life insurance and long term care insurance. You are encouraged to take a few minutes to scroll down the archived entries below to identify special topics that can be helpful in your circumstances.

Critical Meeting 12/10 on Long Term Care11/28/2009
One of the most critical decisions facing people in their 50's and older is how to plan for care in their senior years. Failure to plan properly can lead to devastating consequences.
To address this planning need, Richard H. Bagley & Associates is holding a second informational meeting in Murphy on Thursday, December 10. The first meeting was held in Asheville on November 2 in Asheville. The meeting will be a lunch meeting with sandwiches, chips, and drink at noon and is GUARANTEED to be over in one hour or less. To reserve your spot, call or e-mail Rick for particulars.
Also at this meeting, Rick plans to introduce his newest associate, Candie Parker, who has been instrumental in building his Asheville practice. To learn about Candie, visit www.candieparker.com

November 2 Meeting10/15/2009
With the relocation of offices for Richard H. Bagley & Associates, new opportunities are offered for Rick’s clients in Western North Carolina. His Asheville office in Biltmore Park just off I-26 is convenient for many of his clients, and offers easier access to some of the markets for financial products offered by his firm. One example is the planned seminar in Asheville on November 2 with a focus on issues related to long term care and estate planning. Clients who want to get more information on this website can simply scroll down through previous entries to obtain valuable information on life insurance, long term care insurance, estate planning, and investments. Or they can call Rick at 828-360-7425 to get information about the complimentary seminar he is offering in Asheville on November 2.

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