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When Rick Bagley says to you, “If I were advising my mother concerning her insurance, I would suggest to her what I am suggesting to you,” you can believe him. He feels as responsible for a client as he does a family member. Also, Rick is the first agent I have dealt with who took the time, patience, and effort to explain my situation in laymen’s terms I could understand.

Lyle B. Carringer
Dean of Fiscal Affairs, Retired
Tri-County Community College
Murphy, North Carolina


Rick Bagley is a man of integrity. Rick presents you with your insurable & affordable options. His interest is in developing your future protection, and Rick is most genuine in this effort.

Chuck Van Gorder
Sam W. James & Son Realty
Andrews, NC


Rick takes the time to listen to your situation and go the extra mile to explain the fundamental issues of insurance and investment choices. I met Rick when my first child was born because I needed life insurance. It would have been easy to just sell me a policy because I knew I needed it. Rick provided me with the rounded investment advice I needed to help me position myself and my family for a sound financial future. Additionally, he takes the time to consider the options available and the impacts of those options. His advice has been consistent in content and value. My family’s future took a turn for the better the day I met Rick.

Thanks Rick!

John C. Becsi
Storage Architect
Bank of America
Atlanta, GA


Rick Bagley constantly strives to be and most certainly is a consultative financial partner. Rick is proactive and thinks ahead for his clients – offering sound advice that has paid off for me in both the short and the long term. Best of all, he is the consummate professional.

Monique-Messer Baldwin
Residential Property Manager
Atlanta, Georgia


Rick is a professional in the field of investments, with a well-rounded knowledge of investments in general but a particular expertise in life insurance and annuities. (Analogy: My internist is similarly most helpful to me in identifying ailments and referring me to specialists in a particular field.) Rick recommends investment strategies that are best for me in arriving at a balanced portfolio, whether or not he sells a particular kind of investment

I.W. Carmack, President
I.W. Carmack & Associates
Decatur, Georgia


Rick’s professionalism, good judgment, and knowledge of my personal and business situation mean I don’t have to worry about my insurance program. He takes care of the details that make insurance a hassle so I can concentrate on my business.

Steven R. Webber
Vernon, Alabama


In the investment and insurance areas, Rick has always placed a genuine concern for what was best for my family above other considerations. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable, and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.

Barry R. Barsh, President
Barry R. Barsh & Associates
Atlanta, Georgia


Rick has many excellent qualities, but what I like most about him is his genuine interest in his clients. He treats us just like a member of his family when it comes to financial advice. Rick loves what he does because he is in a profession which allows him to use his talents to help others.

Tom Catledge
Atlas Settlement Group, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia


Now that the decisions have been made and the insurance plan I chose is in effect, I am highly satisfied and feel very comfortable with the choices I have made. I especially appreciate the way Rick answered my questions, explained available options and gave me ample time to make my decisions. My only regret is that we didn’t have our discussions earlier. The closer I got to retirement, the more I realized the importance of early planning.

Robert O. Claunch - Deceased
Operations Manager
BellSouth Telecommunications

Atlanta, Georgia


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