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My name is Geormon A. Elder and I have been in the mentor program for almost a year. I moved here to Atlanta, GA in September of 1995. I had no trouble finding friends, but I also found no problem finding trouble. I was constantly arguing with teachers, fighting with my piers, and getting suspended. I was on the verge of being expelled from school. I did not care though. My mother tried to help me. My teachers tried to reason with me. I was a lost cause. Depression took over me and this was evident in all aspects of my life.

Desperate for a solution to my behavior, my mother signed me up for the Mentor Program. When I first heard that I was signed up for the Mentor Program I thought, “I bet I can make him cry. He’s just in this to make himself feel good.” I was wrong.

The instant I met Mr. Rick Bagley, he carried himself like a man. He had the look of a leader. He spoke with intelligence and wit. He got me a bank account within the first ten minutes that I had known him. Things I had been trying to do for months, he did for me within the first few minutes of meeting him. He got me a job as well as self respect.

He turned my life around and he’s helping to guide me in the right direction to accomplish great things in life. He is a special breed of man and he is one of many. There are a lot of people in GA schools that are a lot worse off than I was. A mentor can help to change that. That one person can help to give young people something to strive for. My mentor is like a father to me and I’m going to achieve great things in life because of him.

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As I look at my son and the man he has become-about to graduate from high school and leave home-I am very grateful to you, my friend, for being a God-send in his life these past three years. I remember how he was back then. He loves you-he honors you- and has the utmost respect for you. Thank you for being there for us. Words cannot express my gratitude for your instrumental guidance and direction in his life. He is a fine young man who I am very proud of as I know you are too. I know he is like your son too.

Always keep in touch and be a part of his life so he can excel, thru your support, to be all he can be. God bless you. I love you.