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Thanks for taking the time to learn about me and my practice. As the only practicing CLU in Cherokee County (and possibly the other three westernmost counties in North Carolina), I offer my clients many estate and financial planning ideas that can be enormously helpful to business owners and professionals. Identified below are several issues that you may want to consider as you choose the professional with whom you work.

1) What is a CLU? A CLU is a Chartered Life Underwriter. According to the American College, the only source of a CLU designation, “The CLU is the premier professional credential for persons involved in the protection, accumulation, preservation, and distribution of the economic values of human life.”

2) What education must a CLU have? A CLU completes rigorous course requirements in such fields as Estate Planning, Life Insurance Law, Planning for Business Owners and Professionals, Insurance and Financial Planning, Individual Life Insurance, Planning for Retirement Needs, and several others.

3) What credentials must a CLU have? In addition to extensive experience in his /her professional field, a CLU must satisfy ethical and professional standards as developed by The American College.

4) Is it expensive to use a CLU? NO. In fact, in many cases, it can be enormously expensive NOT to use one. Because of the extensive training he or she receives, a CLU understands the numerous kinds of life insurance, long term care insurance, long term disability insurance, annuities and how various products provide the best value for clients, both in the short run and the long run, as well as how they are used in the retirement, financial, and estate planning environment.

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